Baronial Championship Event

Greetings Boggers,

This Fall, Gunther & Rosheen will need to select our new Baronial Champions. Everyone is encouraged to participate and showcase their skills in heavy fighting, fencing, throwing weapons and archery. Artisans are also encouraged to show their talents in the Arts and Sciences competition, as a new A&S champion will also be selected. (Bardic Champion will be selected at our next 12th Night in January.)

Baronial Champs will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at the St. Michael Sportsman Club in St. Michael, PA.  This was the same site we used a few years ago for Adam Walker’s Memorial Fundraising event that was a success. There are large lawn areas for martial activities/tournaments, as well as a spacious hall for court and in the event of rain….. Read More

Vivats and Updates

Vivat! To our new Baron and Baroness, Gunther and Rosheen! Vivats and much thanks to our out-going Baron and Baroness, Iago and Emilia, as well as all of the many people who were honored at our Barony’s Investiture/3-Day event!

Along those lines, a new page has been added to the Barony’s website for Court Reports and the report from Their Excellencies, Baron Gunther and Baroness Rosheen’s first day upon the Cattail Thrones has been uploaded. Visit this new page at  While there check out the fantastic work Ian has been doing with armorial.