From the Baron and Baroness

Greetings to the Populace,

We humbly thank you for the chance to represent the Bog for the next four years. We draw our inspiration from the Bog and all that you are.

During our term, we pledge to follow the example of our patron saint, Swithin. We would have the Barony be a pilgrim stop for all travelers. Let this place be a land of hospitality and comfort to all weary travelers. Welcome them, help them, show them the true spirit of the Bog Machine.

We place no restrictions on our champions to compete on a Kingdom level. We honor your skill in becoming a Baronial Champion. You bring glory to the Barony and Kingdom by your desire to serve at the next level and we are proud that the Bog will be represented.

We are extremely grateful for the family that we have within the Barony and we are excited to begin this next chapter!

In service,
Baron Iago and Baroness Emilia