New Sewing Classes – Schedule Update

This is an update to what was said at the February 5 Baronial Business Meeting:

There will be a new series of sewing classes and the first two dates are now March 18 and April 1 from 12:00-4:00 pm at St. Mark’s Church.

More details will be posted as they become available and there will also be a Facebook event created for these classes. This is the perfect opportunity
for people who are not familiar with sewing to learn the basics, work on a project, and finish the classes with a new piece of garb that’s ready to wear to the next event.

Also a mistake was made in The Sentinel on page 5 under From the A&S Officer – the initial sewing class was held on February 11, but the part about being a success was quite accurate! (Caiti has promised to correct/update the newsletter as soon as possible.)

There is no registration needed to attend the March 18 and/or April 1 workshop, but if you have any questions please feel welcome to contact me. See the Contact Us page on the Barony’s website or the last page of The Sentinel for contact information.

Thank you!

Dame Vivienne