Rec the Alleghenies Demo

The demo will be held at Greenhouse Park near Tire Hill as part of the Rec the Alleghenies Expo on May 13th (rain or shine). The address for the park is 100 Green House Road, Johnstown, PA, 15905.

The Demo will take place from noon to 6 pm, but setup can start at 10 am. The organizer says that she is planning on putting us near pavilion #6 and we will have plenty of room to play. We will be able to drive vehicles up to the site to unload, but we will need to move our cars to parking after setting up. There will be port-o-johns available, but nowhere to change in private (so come in garb or change in the parking lot like a real scadian). I recommend bringing along something to eat and drink.

I want to have as many people at this demo as possible since the Expo will be drawing in a crowd of people that are looking to get involved in fun activities. I want several fighters and fencers to demonstrate combat, and we will be setting up a thrown weapons range.

We can bring tables for display items and I want to see a few people working on A&S.
The organizers of the Expo want us to have equipment there for people to try out our activities. Bring loaner gear!

Even if you aren’t working on anything or if you can’t fight, you can still talk to the crowd. Don’t assume we have enough people to handle the demo; if you aren’t going to Crown Tournament that day, I want you at this demo!
I would like to set up a canvas pavilion and banners to promote the medieval atmosphere.

So far, the following people have committed to helping:
Gunther: armor or fencing
Rosheen: can run TW range
Arvik: wire weaving or TW range
Mel: jewelry making
Viv: A&S items
Nonek: armor

I will give updates as I get them.
If you are coming, please let me know so I can plan out what we can do.

Thank you for your help!